Our Team

Tony Werahiko (Shareholder)

Tony is responsible for the company’s NSW operations, with the main focus on our Maintenance and Shutdowns with Blue Circle Southern Cement.  Tony also assists our Brisbane operations involving larger projects.  Tony has been in the construction and mining sector since 1990.

Jason Werahiko (Shareholder)

Jason is responsible for Major Project operations throughout Australia, including Whyalla, Canberra, Galong and any other projects within Australia.  Jason has more than 20 years experience in mining and offshore oil refineries.

Michael Werahiko (Director)

Michael is responsible for Brisbane operations and is the driving force in establishing our Company as one of the top Scaffolding companies in Southeast Queensland.  Michael has been active in the Construction/ Mining industry for over 20 years.

Glenn Harris (General Manager)

Glenn has been with the company for over 5 years and has a wealth of knowledge regarding the scaffold industry.  Glenn’s background within the industry, extends to more than 20 years and includes Regional Manager for a number of high profile scaffolding companies Australia wide.  This has given him a diversified skill set in all areas of  operating a successful scaffolding business.