Side By Side Scaffolding & Rigging Services are currently employed by Boral Cement Limited to provide extremely high risk safe access work and general scaffolding duties at three Southern Highlands of NSW cement and lime manufacturing facilities owned and operated by Boral Limited.  These sites are Maldon, Maulan and Berrima.

The service we provide to Boral include the installation of all types of scaffolding

  • Drop down suspended access scaffolds
  • Cantilevered type scaffold
  • The installation of winging stages
  • Overhead protection decks
  • General basic type scaffolds
  • Access using ropes into various vessels and confined spaces on site

Side by Side Scaffolding & Rigging work under extreme conditions including excessive heat, winds, heights, dust and noise and often in any combination of these elements.

We utilise system scaffold on site including Cuploc, Super Cuploc, Wedgeloc, Tube and Fitting and Ladder Beam type scaffold components.